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April 4, 2018


People from 51 countries visited the site in March –  a record.

Top posts – no surprises


It is heartwarming to think of this contact with likeminded people in so many parts of the world.

There were over four times more visitors from the USA than from UK, the next largest group.







Top post this month: the cruel farce of ‘humanitarian intervention’

April 25, 2017

The cruel farce of ‘humanitarian intervention’

Posted on April 8, 2017 with five times more interest from USA readers than from those in the UK, no doubt due to its republication on an American website with a lurid anti-zionist title unrelated to the text – the pingback posted on this website was deleted.


Simon Jenkins: “It is a war crime to disable, maim or poison a victim by chemical or biological means, yet it is permissible to blow them to bits. Dropping chlorine evokes howls of horror. Dropping bunker busters does not. Cluster munitions, the most horrible of delayed action weapons, remain in the arsenals of NATO armies”.





We welcome American visitors to the site and to that of Drone Warfare

August 26, 2015

1 c3Four times as many Americans visited last week compared with random visitors from other regions – see top five of the twenty-three countries shown on site statistics. A sceptical friend attributes this to the relative size of its population, but this does not hold true as we only had two visitors from India.

Top post by far, as usual, is  Countries without armed forces or no standing army.

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January 19, 2015









Top post of 2014

January 3, 2015


Top post – by far – this year: Countries or states recognised as neutral

A recent caveat was entered by ‘BPeters’ to one entry:

Japanconstitutionally forbidden from participating in wars, but maintains heavily-armed self-defence forces and a military alliance

BPeters wrote:

Japan has never ever formally declared its neutrality, and it is hard to argue that it is neutral given US bases in Japan and Japan’s material support for the US war against Iraq (2003). Although the Constitution of Japan implies neutrality, it does not formally declare neutrality.

Read the list here:


Visitors to the site last week came from these countries

November 7, 2014


USA readers again topped the list last week

July 11, 2014