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A civilised society should be ordered so that every person has:

  • pure drinking water
  • clean air
  • uncontaminated food
  • secure housing
  • access to good medical care & education
  • right livelihood
  • freedom of (courteous) speech
  • effective participation in decision-making
  • freedom of association (political, religious etc)

and in which:

  • each person acts honestly and transparently in the workplace and in personal relationships
  • conflict is resolved by dialogue and other peaceable means

Relevant material is often placed on other websites named in the ‘Blog Roll’, our closest links being with members of the New Era Network

This website will focus on issues relating to the peaceful resolution of conflict:

  • record the policies and practice of civilised countries which use their armed forces to defend, not invade
  • track pressures on those countries to change their policies
  • emphasise the heavy human and financial costs of war for all but the arms industry
  • and highlight evidence already in the public domain indicating public support, in countries such as Germany and Canada, for more civilised defence policies

Why, having seen the deaths, injuries and ruined economies caused by the largely fruitless invasions of Vietnam, Korea Iraq and Afghanistan, do a few  governments still embark on military adventures with heavy human and financial costs?

Journalist Simon Jenkins reflects ruefully on this mindset, “Where next will they bless with democracy at the blast from a drone?”

The only faction which gains from armed conflict is the arms industry, which spends a great deal of time and money lobbying senior politicians, advisers and civil servants.

Professor Barnaby and Commander Green point out that Britain could earn respect by helping the birth of a civilised society, instead of continuing to play the “self-defeating game” of power politics.

Mailing list

  1. Aileen Cook, Solihull Quaker meeting
  2. Alison Williams: family links with New Zealand – co-founder UNGA-Link
  3. Alistair Mackie [Air-Commodore] Vice President CND
  4. Barbara Panvel: New Era Network
  5. Ben Parkinson, CYEN, Uganda
  6. Bournville Quaker
  7. Bruce Kent, Movement for the Abolition of War
  8. Caroline Lucas MP
  9. Christine Parkinson: social entrepreneur
  10. Coventry Quaker
  11. Cumbrian Quaker
  12. Denise Moll: Sacred New Era School, Ladakh
  13. Diana Schumacher: Schumacher UK
  14. Duncan Forrester [Rev. Dr]
  15. Eirwen Harbottle: Peace Child Organisation, pp the late Brigadier Michael Harbottle
  16. Elisabeth Tinker pp the late Professor Hugh Tinker
  17. Elizabeth Way: UNA, formerly secretary of Just Defence
  18. Ellen Brown: Los Angeles lawyer
  19. Eustace D’Souza: General; World Consultative Association of Retired Generals and Admirals (deceased)
  20. Felicity Arbuthnot, investigative journalist
  21. George Farebrother: World Court Project
  22. Hansa Shah, ecumenical accompanier, Palestine
  23. Ian Flintoff: writer, actor, Quaker Socialist Society,
  24. Janet White, Solihull Quaker meeting
  25. John Bickersteth [Bishop, deceased]
  26. John Bunzl: SIMPOL
  27. John Johansen-Berg [Rev]: chairman of the Fellowship of Reconciliation
  28. John Nightingale, Jubilee Debt Coalition activist
  29. John McDonnell MP: Ministry for Peace
  30. John Roberts [Dr.]: professor of history; World Citizenship [deceased]
  31. Jonathan Bartley: Ekklesia
  32. Jonathon Porritt, Forum for the Future
  33. Julia Larden, Hall Green CND
  34. Keith O’Brien (former cardinal archbishop deceased)
  35. Kenneth Greet [Rev Dr]
  36. Len Aldiss: Britain-Vietnam Friendship Society (deceased)
  37. Lesley Docksey, former vice-chair, Movement to Abolish War
  38. Malcolm Harper UNA (deceased)
  39. Mary Holmes: World Development Movement,
  40. Mark Shapiro (Vietnam war veteran)
  41. Molly Scott Cato, MEP
  42. Nazima Ali: WMCND
  43. Paul Ingram: BASIC
  44. Peter van den Dungen, co-ordinator, International network of Peace Museums
  45. Rianne ten Veen: Green Creation; Islamic Relief
  46. Robert Green RN [Cdr. Retd]: Disarmament & Security Centre, New Zealand
  47. Roslyn Cook, anti nuclear weapons activist, ICAN
  48. Sabine McNeill: founder of peace network, Turning Points
  49. Seiji Mukai, Nagoya
  50. Shafi Chowdhury: Sutton Peace Group
  51. Stuart Parkinson [Dr]: Scientists for Global Responsibility
  52. Tony Benn: former MP (deceased)
  53. Ulla Grant: WMCND
  54. Zac Goldsmith MP,
  55. a webmaster
  56. defence analyst [Dr; armaments]
  57. defence analyst [Dr; international relations]
  58. Dr. David Hookes, Scientists for Global Responsibility


Those who wish their names to be added should contact bapanvel@gmail.com







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