Opposing Menwith Hill which enables new forms of intelligence-led warfare

On Friday Peter Lazenby reported that a US military base in Yorkshire was targeted for protests on international day of action, organised by the Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign (MHAC) and Yorkshire CND. The base has been targeted by peace campaigners calling for its closure for more than 40 years.

Menwith Hill on the North York Moors outside Harrogate, is one of a network of high-tech US bases spread around the world, gathering military, political and economic information relayed to it by information-gathering satellites.

Its huge domes housing antennae and equipment which relays information to the Pentagon are a striking feature of the skyline.

Like many other bases in this country, it is said – on the entrance noticeboards – to be a Royal Air Force base but is actually occupied by around 1,000 US military and civilian personnel. Members of Parliament have been refused access to the base, which is guarded by the Ministry of Defence Police and CND points out that the world’s military powers, particularly the US, operate more than 1,000 bases worldwide, often outside the control of the countries which host them.

MHAC co-ordinator Sarah Swift said: “Menwith Hill provides information for the targeting of drones which kill innocent civilians. It is involved in missile defence, ramping up the possibility of an accidental nuclear war. It was involved in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan”, and added:

“The United States objects to surveillance of its own citizens, yet Menwith Hill is enabling surveillance of civilians across the world.”

Those who want to learn more about Menwith Hill should read the report written by Dr Steve Schofield which highlights its rapid growth of Menwith Hill over the last decade and its widening role in new forms of intelligence-led warfare. 

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