Is the answer to the professor’s three questions, ‘for the profit of the few’?


Alexander McCall Smith, a British writer and Emeritus Professor of Medical Law at the University of Edinburgh, who became an expert on medical law and bioethics, has expressed the feelings of the civilised ‘ninety-nine percent’.


 One of his characters in peaceful Botswana, asks:

“How could people sleep if they knew that somebody, in their name, was dropping bombs on other people, or breaking into their homes and taking them away somewhere?

“Why did they do it?

“Why was it necessary to kill and maim other people, when the other people would be just the same as yourself – people who wanted to live with their families and go to work in the morning and have enough to eat at the end of the day?

“That was not much to ask of the world, even if for many the world could not grant even that one small request”.

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