Crude conspiracy theories expensively confirmed

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A reader sends news that, with ineffable condescension, Warwick University’s recent press release announces a research paper (‘Crude conspiracy theories could be right’) by three academics who have discovered that what observers have plainly noted and stated for years is correct.

The researchers are said to have “provided strong evidence for what conspiracy theorists have long thought – oil is often the reason for interfering in another country’s war”.

We await their provision of strong evidence that intervention and destabilisation also occurs where there is oil but no civil war.

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And further research to show that this is openly or covertly perpetrated by Britain’s Special Friend with British assistance.

Buy the paper if you feel inclined to do so:


One Response to Crude conspiracy theories expensively confirmed

  1. admin says:

    Lesley Docksey, by email:

    One wonders what kind of comfortable bubble they have been living in all their lives!

    Before oil it was other resources that were sought. Why else the empires and colonisation of the Americas, Africa, Asia etc.?

    Perhaps the academics should invest in some basic history lessons. America’s first invasion took place within 5-10 years of independence from Britain, but they were a bit late on the empire-building scene, trailing behind England, Spain, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Venice. Belgium and Germany came in late and got what was left of Africa. Have trade and navy, have empire seemed to be the process!

    Not a happy record for Western ‘civilisation’!

    Here is a truly depressing list of US “interventions”, for which read invasion or war, and does not pretend to be a ‘definitive’ list:

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