A Quaker comment on drone warfare and the arms trade


The pressing of a button to send a drone to destroy a target, killing innocent people, too, including children is as barbaric, to me, as the cruel beheading of hostages.

The button presser never faces the immediate consequences of his actions either. Sadly, neither do we. The horrendous results are shown on Al Jazeera never the BBC.

The Islamic State is the creation of the West. It is a reaction to the Iraq war and our hypocritical policy to the Islamic world. We support and sell arms to a country that conducts public beheadings and prevents women from working without their husband’s permission.

We need to campaign for an ethical foreign policy and an end to western military intervention in the Middle East. We also need to make links with the mainstream Muslim community to support them in confronting extremists and demonstrate that we and others are willing to join them in their critique of Britain’s foreign policy and the consequent killing of innocent Muslims in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere.

James Whiting
Wandsworth Meeting, London

the Friend 29.9.14

One Response to A Quaker comment on drone warfare and the arms trade

  1. admin says:

    A reader comments from Wales:

    Good points.

    The beheading routine appals us because it’s medieval, premeditated and personally very intimate.

    A killing by missile is modern, impersonal and unpredictable.

    The result, however, is manifestly similar. Death.

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