A message from the Falklands

David in Glamorgan, Kiel, June 1981

David in Glamorgan, Kiel, June 1981

“Far away from his homeland, in 1982, David Tinker, a junior naval officer spoke with the voice of sanity when almost all the eminent, and those who take it on themselves to pronounce on public matters, seem, (temporarily, let us hope) to have lost all sense of reality, all sense of proportion, and all thought for the future in the South Atlantic”.

So wrote his father, the late Professor Hugh Tinker, who was a specialist in international relations (Southeast Asia) and headed the Institute for Race Relations – publishing the journal, Race Today.

He was also one of the signatories to the Just Defence Charter and is represented on our mailing list now by David’s mother, Elisabeth.

Professor Tinker collected many of David’s letters and poems, publishing some in Letters from the Falklands, the life and gallant death of Lieutenant David Tinker, RN, Penguin & Junction Books 1982. Professor Tinker wrote in the introduction :

“David had to die because of crass error and weakness disguised as boldness in high places. And in ten year’s time his analysis will have been buried in history when the politicians have cobbled up shabby solutions for their sorry errors of judgment . . .”

And ended:

David’s tomorrow was all too brief. So it was for the other young sailors, soldiers and airmen who laid down their lives in the Falklands.


Next: a topical, brief but significant reference to David’s youthful interest in World War 1.


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