Our good wishes go to Robert Green and his wife, Kate

robert green 

Rob’s wife Kate writes that he has serious health problems at the moment and is reducing his workload.

C3Many on the mailing list will know Robert Green, but for others, and for random visitors to the site (left, yesterday’s visitors in order of numbers), I have added the link to enable them to learn more about his life and sterling work.

As well as the higher profile work with UN’s WHO, challenging the legality of nuclear weapons, and his search for justice for Hilda Murrell, his murdered aunt, Eirwen Harbottle, Elizabeth Way and others will share memories of his work for Just Defence, Pater van den Dungen will remember his Bradford Peace Studies address and John Johansen-Berg will recall his attendances at Barnes Close gatherings – one contributing to a session on non-lethal intervention strategies.

I feel sure that many readers would like to think of him and wish him a steady recovery.


One Response to Our good wishes go to Robert Green and his wife, Kate

  1. Harriet Bazley says:

    Very best wishes to Rob from Joanna at Wimbledon CND (Ray Hainton’s daughter) My mother was one of Rob’s biggest fans.

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