Reconciling Turkey, Cyprus – and Israel . . .

‘Quiet diplomacy’ by the US


Greek &Turkish Cypriot leaders

Financial Times reporters from Cyprus, Athens and Turkey predict that Nicos Anastasiades, the Greek Cypriot leader and Dervis Eroglou, his Turkish Cypriot counterpart, will announce a fresh initiative to reunify the Mediterranean island following months of quiet diplomacy by the US. With the two biggest Greek Cypriot political parties backing the new initiative, there was optimism in Nicosia that an end to the island’s 40-year division could be within reach.

– fuelled by the prospects of constructing a gas pipeline

Large offshore gas deposits, recently discovered between Cyprus and Israel, could be channelled to European markets by a pipeline through Turkey, but 14 of Turkey’s 35 ‘negotiating chapters’ with the EU are blocked because of tensions between Ankara and Nicosia, Turkey has signalled its interest in gas purchases from Israel and an Israeli-Turkish gas pipeline could go through Cypriot waters and link up with Cyprus’ existing gas production facilities.

Adding to the ‘new energy map’ of the Eastern Mediterranean

‘Breaking news’: The key stakeholders in Israel’s Leviathan offshore natural gas field are to discuss laying an undersea pipeline from the Mediterranean site to the southern Turkish coast, according to the Turkish daily Hurriyet.

Turkey and Israel are negotiating the terms of compensation for the deaths of nine Mavi Marmora Turkish activists killed by the Israel Defence Forces in 2010. An agreement would increase prospects for Turkish-Israeli energy co-operation.

This news is listed in the website’s peace through trade category and will be welcomed as such, though many readers would infinitely prefer news of a focus on the lavish solar resources of the region.


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