Germany is urged to put its young lives at risk by Euro/American politicians and military chiefs


WSJ logoIn 2010 a Civilisation 3000 post quoted the Wall Street Journal’s report that opinion polls held in Germany at that time did reflect that a ‘solid majority’ of German people were opposed to their country’s military role in Afghanistan. Many were aware that this war was contrary to their law as it stands, set out in Article 24 [International organizations] and Article 26 [Ban on preparations for war of aggression].

gauck german president

The Financial Times now reports last week’s warning from federal president Joachim Gauck , the first German head of state to give the opening address at the annual Munich Security Conference, that Germany must use its armed forces more frequently and decisively. He cited German indifference and European navel-gazing amid “rapid” and “dramatic” new threats to the “open world order”.

Calling for Germany to play more of an active military role in the world has been a recurring theme of the annual conference in Munich – which is typically attended by a range of top-level European and American politicians (Ed: with links to arms manufacturers) and military chiefs.

Chancellor Angela Merkel: the voice of sanity

When UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited Berlin on January 30th, Angela Merkel said that, while Germany should play a greater role in resolving international conflicts, this did not mean greater deployment of the country’s military:

“This is not a matter of more or less military engagement, it’s a question of using the political influence of a country like Germany”.

As Dr Ian Davis of NATO Watch wrote in 2010, rather than deregulating the rules of German military engagement, similar non-aggression clauses should be included in the national legislation of other NATO member states.


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