How many Israelis are asserting a desire for peace?


israeli arab protest bedouin.

On Saturday The Wall Street Journal reported that thousands of Israelis across the country demonstrated against the Prawer Plan, passed in 2011 and due to come in force – their government’s plan to displace some 40,000 Arab Bedouins from their lands. However, the Jerusalem Post implies that the demonstration was restricted to Arabs, Palestinians and Bedouin living in Israel.

The WSJ summarises the situation: the Bedouins are indigenous residents of the Negev. Half of them live in 40 “unrecognized” villages, for which the Israeli government does not provide public services. Israeli National Insurance defines these villages as the poorest in Israel, which suffer from overpopulation and lack of infrastructure.

“Most Israelis support a peace deal with the Palestinians”


israeli labour herzog and abbas

On Sunday, Associated Press recorded a meeting between Israel’s new Labor Party leader Isaac Herzog, with President Mahmoud Abbas at his headquarters in the West Bank. Herzog told the Palestinian president that most Israelis support a peace deal with the Palestinians and that his Labor Party will back any future agreement and provide a parliamentary safety net for Netanyahu if he reaches such an agreement.

Despite the tensions over Israel’s continued settlement building on war-won lands, Herzog said he believes both the Israeli and Palestinian leaders are serious about negotiations: “I was very impressed by the willingness of the president (Abbas) to move toward an agreement … and I will deliver this message to the prime minister (Netanyahu) who I know is also committed to the idea of moving toward an agreement” .

In Berlin, London, Rome and Istanbul solidarity protests against the Prawer Plan were staged. Read about British opposition here:



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