News roundup: the world’s largest arms fair, MP Fabian Hamilton & church investment


Len Aldis, Secretary of the Britain-Vietnam Friendship Society sent this news:

 Arms Fair 2013 006

On Tuesday and Wednesday I made a visit to the worlds largest arms fair held in Newham. Excel is a massive centre with a quayside and huge halls.

Outside on display were the latest ships…Helicopters, the Typhoon fighter plane and a Spitfire. Inside the centre were Tanks, Hovercraft, various unmanned planes, smaller versions of helicopters, land craft, and many other weapons and military stands displaying equipment, including machine guns, anti-personal, etc etc etc. It was too much to see all in just two days (I spent four hours each day).

Could not help but compare the £billions of weapons on sale not only from UK but many other countries, Turkey, Sth Africa, Israel, Finland, Austria, US, and so on, with the adjoining borough of Tower Hamlets noted as the poorest in the whole of the UK…… What could be done for the people with just a few of the £billions shown at Excel?


fabian hamiltonAn admirable MP?

On Friday R5’s Nicky Campbell was discussing the arms trade and Labour MP Fabian Hamilton spoke effectively deploring the manufacture of armaments beyond what is needed for the country’s defence and who wanted to stop all arms exports.



And a shock: “Oh God make me pure, but not yet”

The Church Commissioners and Church of England Pensions Board are both shareholders in General Electric (GE), with shareholdings up to £10m.

GE and its key subsidiary General Aviation, supply “integrated systems and technologies” for combat aircraft, military transport, helicopters, land vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles – better known as drones.

GE also makes the F101 aircraft, which took part in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq. Designed as a “strategic nuclear bomber”

The Church of England is not breaching its rules by investing in the firm – investments in companies that derive less than 10% of turnover from strategic military sales are allowed.





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