As military intervention is considered in Syria: “My despair is absolute”: Godric Bader


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In the same spirit as that voiced by Nobel peace laureate Mairead Magiure, Godric writes to his MP Alistair Burt:


Dear Alistair,

Surely it is now blindingly obvious that the military …war .. is totally worthless ….. as I have said before to you….!

(. ..AND that the UK should break away from USA militarily in particular..)

Sadly we have no one to lead,….. and atomic weapons are even worse than chemical… their “half-life” is hundreds of years

.. . but at least you must say no . . . vote no to further military action >>>

Please Alistair vote no


Deep sadness & sorrow Godric


Like his father, a Quaker member of the anti-war Committee of 100, Godric was a conscientious objector, working as a hospital orderly during the war. He has called for a peace department to replace the War Office.

Godric BaderAs President of the Scott Bader Commonwealth, formed while ”the ravages of the Second World War were still fresh in the minds of those involved”, he upholds its constitutional statement:

“The strongly held Scott Bader value that our corporate and individual lives should reinforce peaceful co-existence remains as strong as ever and shapes the way in which the Company and the Commonwealth function and helps define the products which we choose to make and the business that we will enter into.

“The rejection of industrial strife, warfare and rearmament – stated boldly in the original Preamble – are here re-affirmed in this revised Constitution”.



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