A recent ‘follower’ to the site: Somalilander Activist – Haroon Haji


I’m a Somalilander activist who holds on to the dream of Somaliland Recognition, blogging about Geopolitics of Horn of Africa Region, Democracy, Human Rights & Peace.

Recognizing Somaliland means hope for democracy and human rights. Somaliland declared independence after the overthrow of Somali military dictator Siad Barre in 1991.

Brief history of my country, Somaliland.

From the outset, I also need to explain that Somaliland’s existence as an Independent State is a historical fact that dates back to 1884 when our people signed Treaties of Protection with Great Britain and became ‘British Somaliland Protectorate’ At a time when most other countries in Africa were colonies.

20th June 1960: Somaliland becomes recognized by 34 UN Member States, including the five permanent Members of the Security Council, and I am proud to report that Somaliland became the first independent Somali State to gain membership of the United Nations.

Recognition of Somaliland as rightful member of the world community of nations….

Our journey is to a new future where the basic blocks of democracy are observed – that is ‘exercising the right of the will of the people to choose their own government’ and ‘observing the rule of law’.

After twenty years, Somaliland is a country of hope and determination that was founded on peace, justice, and the rule of law. Every Somalilander must uphold these principles with dignity and respect to honour the Republic of Somaliland.

We regarded UK our biggest friend in West but they are deceiving us and trying to thrust us back to unity with Mogadishu. All the confusion is caused by our government which has no commitment to fulfill our biggest ambition. That’s why Britain is trampling over us.


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Coverage of Somaliland on this site in 2010:

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November: https://civilisation3000.wordpress.com/2010/11/24/civilised-action-in-london-and-somalia/


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