Alex Salmond unveils his vision for Scots (January): summarised for those who missed it


trident forth


Magnus Gardham, political editor of the Herald (Scotland), reported on a speech made by the First Minister, Alex Salmond, setting out his vision for a formal constitution in a speech in London.

Nuclear related points made:

  • Under the SNP’s plans, Holyrood would start to draw up the document after the 2016 election if Scots vote for independence in the 2014 referendum.
  • All political parties and citizens would be encouraged to contribute their views through a constitutional convention.
  • Scotland’s written constitution should outlaw possession of nuclear weapons and lay down rules for the use of the armed forces in global conflicts.
  • The constitution would therefore examine the future of Trident.


Mr Salmond commented: “A constitutional ban on the possession of nuclear weapons would end that obscenity”.


Read the whole article here:


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