A valid question?


Dr Khan phoned BBC 4’s Any Answers programme on Saturday 27th April to ask:


anita anand“Why is the use of chemical weapons regarded as being worse than blowing people to smithereens with bombs?”

Anita Anand pointed out that their use, like that of nuclear weapons, is forbidden under international law.

Dr Khan repeated his question and added:


“I regard killing by any means as abhorrent”.


One Response to A valid question?

  1. Paul Ingram says:

    Killing by any means is abhorrent, but killing by some means is worse than others, eg.:
    1) killing for pleasure or demonstration of power rather than as a genuine means of self-defence
    2) killing in a manner that does so indiscriminately
    3) killing in a way that causes greater degrees of predictable pain and suffering, particularly if prolonged
    4) killing in a way that causes extensive and long-lasting environmental damage, or that affects future generations (for example through abnormality etc).
    I could go on. Chemical weapons are worse than bombs for some of these reasons, and nuclear weapons are much worse than chemical weapons.
    Paul Ingram

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