Student day of action in Sheffield against the presence of drone manufacturer Thales

sheffield careers fair

The Campaign against the Arms Trade reports that Sheffield students have protested against the University’s continued liaison with arms companies such as Thales, who are still invited to careers fairs despite the referendum that was passed by the votes of students in October last year, to implement a policy that states unilateral opposition to the involvement of the arms trade in the Union and University.

Carlotta’s blog explains that this engineering company manufactures unmanned aerial vehicles or drones. They are currently looking for up to 130 graduates to join them in engineering or business management roles.

sheffield students thales careers fair

Sheffield students staged a sit-in – then a die-in – in front of the Thales recruitment stall at their careers fair and read out a list of names of drones victims. They were met with a heavy-handed security response.

From their statement: “The University prides itself on being a values-led organisation; however, its continued liaison with arms companies responsible for the murder of innocents around the world throws this claim into serious disrepute.” 


They might appreciate the input from SGR’s Ethical Careers Project. SGR has published ten booklets or briefings as part of its project work on ethical careers in science, design and technology.

The full statement by Fund Education, Not War on the protest can be seen here


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