News of the ASHA Centre’s peace programme

asha logo2The ASHA Centre has been involved in a number of grass-root level initiatives in South Caucasus and other Eastern European Partnership countries. In feedback received from young people, youth leaders and youth workers, cultural conflict and the art of intercultural dialogue are always contentious issues. There is a clear need among young people to understand other cultures better, and among youth workers to be better equipped to facilitate intercultural encounters and communication in different contexts.

asha centre

On 21st – 28th April, as part of ASHA’s overall peace programme, a training course will directly address the topics of Peace-building and Non-Violent Action in the role of local and regional youth NGOs engaged in peace-building work.  Participating countries will be UK, Latvia, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, Bulgaria.

The course is based on a mixture of formal and non-formal educational methods, including Human Rights Education (HRE), Non-Violent Action, Peace Building and theatre methodologies. It follows a course in Tbilisi in February: information pack from Education Studies at the University of Gloucestershire.

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