West Midlands MEP Phil Bennion: Gaza ceasefire must be followed by pro-active EU action for a Middle East peace process


Dr Bennion says the EU must take action to promote a renewed peace process in the Middle East. He warns that the fragile Gaza ceasefire could collapse into renewed violence without international action to promote a lasting peace process.

Speaking after the European Parliament at Strasbourg voted overwhelmingly for a compromise resolution deploring the violence, the West Midlands MEP said: “I hope that the ceasefire brokered by Egypt is a sign that Israel has realised that repeating the last Gaza invasion would not work.

“The role of Egypt’s new government was crucial. This must now be the spur for the EU, the USA and the international community to ensure the ceasefire is not just a pause but a stepping stone to a renewed peace process, with Egypt playing a vital role as honest broker.

“We are still perilously close to breaking point where senseless violence spirals into all-out war. The bombing by Israeli forces and rocket attacks by Hamas on Israeli citizens are a human tragedy which damages the interests of both sides.

“Israel has a right to defend itself, and the people of Gaza have a right to self-determination and not live in a perpetual blockade.

“Views are divided, but I am glad the European Parliament has passed a compromise resolution calling for action to promote peace, as the representative body of 500 million citizens.

“The EU must send a clear signal that this ceasefire should be followed by all parties coming to the negotiating table to make real commitments and real compromises.

“The Middle East crisis is a failure of politics and politicians, not just in Israel but in the EU and America too. Lack of leadership has let down ordinary people throughout the region, and left too many innocent civilians as victims.

“We must take this ceasefire as a priceless opportunity to push for real progress in a peace process which safeguards the rights of all the peoples of Israel and Palestine.”


6 Responses to West Midlands MEP Phil Bennion: Gaza ceasefire must be followed by pro-active EU action for a Middle East peace process

  1. Islam is unreformably incompatible with human rights says:

    If Islam really would be as aggressive as you profess then how come ‘we’ didn’t yet wipe out the rest (with 20% of global population identifying themselves as Muslims surely it should be easy?!)

    Because aggression eventually gets countered. Thanks to the many thousands who sacrificed their lives in the Battle of Tours 732, and in the Battle of Vienna 1683, and many other such instances. And furthermore the “civilisation” of Islam is so negative, being based on brutality, plunder, slavery and deceit, and against free thought, that it became unable to keep up with the progress of other areas such as Europe, and so even on the military front it became on the back foot from 1683 onwards (and earlier from the fall of Kazan).

    As for the supposed problems of “translations”, why didn’t this supposed god make his supposedly perfect book a bit more clearly “translatable”?, and quite how do you translate the arabic for “kill” or “an afternoon of fighting” and so on (ad nauseam) other than what they are. There are NO translations of that book that don’t read like the hate-and-murder-commanding filth they are to all who have open eyes. Read the “glorious” ?sacred? accounts of the sayings and biographies to see it even clearer.

    In truth — not least to the Muslim victims of the Islam hoax.

  2. admin says:

    Re Islam is unreformably incompatible with human rights

    “You have a right to your opinion, though I profoundly disagree with you. The website your online ‘name’ links to has ‘translations’ of the Quran I do not recognise at all and many mainstream Muslims would not accept as an appropriate translation.

    I do appreciate there is lots of (wilful) misunderstanding and lack of education amongst Muslims, as most faiths and none!

    If Islam really would be as aggressive as you profess then how come ‘we’ didn’t yet wipe out the rest (with 20% of global population identifying themselves as Muslims surely it should be easy?!)

    In peace, Anne”

  3. admin says:

    Ed: Neither of us will be convinced of the other’s position – and I regret that pressure of work does not allow the luxury of replying point by point.

    Briefly from memory I have read much that is good about the Mughal period in India – and on the subject of atrocities remember the alleged cutting of weavers’ thumbs by the British who temporarily wiped out India’s textile manufacturing capacity to leave space for inferior British products.

  4. Thanks for publishing my comment and your reply.
    Taking your last sentence first, of course “they” (Muslims) are not all the same as one another- indeed in my experience most of them are profoundly ignorant about the faith they profess to be so devoted to. And indeed it is not that (any part of) they are any worse than the rest. Just it is the ideology that is Islam which is worse, far worse than any other ideology even including naziism.

    Re your first sentence, in recent centuries the UK and US have been the most powerful regimes, and consequently caused the most warfare (ditto Israel ref Palestine). In line with this correlation one also sees great nations such as Germany and Russia producing the greatest intellectual creativity but also some of the greatest atrocities.

    But looking at the broader spread of history, your comment’s account is greatly distorted. Over the past 14 centuries, Islam has been in more or less constant aggressive hostility against non-Islamised lands and communities. You can see even now that there is deadly conflict in numerous countries, with Islam at its core in the vast majority of cases. The crusades were only a defensive reaction (in principle at least) to the Islamic conquests and occupations of the heartlands of Christianity which had already been in place for 3 centuries already. An equally horrible conquest of peaceful India took place of which you can find details on the web.

    “they’ are no better and no worse than the rest of humanity.”

    Perhaps so, but Islam is certainly worse than just about any other faith. As one apostate said “it makes good people bad”. A principal theme of the Quran (supposedly Allah’s perfect words) is hatred of infidels and commands to fight and kill them. No other religion was founded by a mass-murderer, liar, pedophile, warlord, etc who killed all who disagreed with him.

    “Experience of Muslims here and in India “

    The most sacred site of the Jews had the Dome of the Rock mosque imposed on it. The most sacred site of the Sikhs had the Ayodha mosque imposed on it. The (at the time) most central church in Christendom, in Constantople (/”Istanbul”) had a mosque imposed on it. No other “religion” in history has expressed such gross hostility and disrespect for all other faiths.
    And followers of this evil ideology continue right now to follow their master’s orders in this respect, with church bombings and burnings a not-infrequent event.
    The only place where Islam belongs is in the wastebin of history. Sorry for any hurt “feelings” but that’s a small price for being a supporter of the biggest cause of hatred and murder in history and still ongoing unlike any holocausts there may have been.

  5. admin says:

    Muslims have not committed the massacres on the scale perpetrated by US-UK alliances which are ongoing and are planned to continue.

    Looking back over the centuries we remember the appallingly aggressive and destructive crusades . . . see Constantinople.

    Experience of Muslims here and in India leads me to say that ‘they’ are no better and no worse than the rest of humanity.

  6. If the Muslims who have been in military occupation of the heartlands of Christianity for the past 13 centuries were to leave (or at least put an end to their quran-commanded jihad against unbelievers……
    Quran 59:2-7, etc, etc, etc,…..

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