The UK Drone Wars Network

Young activists from the Fellowship of Reconciliation, the SPEAK Network, Student Christian Movement and many others make nonviolent protests against the UK’s use of armed drones.

In September, over 30 activists travelled to Liverpool Street to protest outside Reaper drone manufacturer General Atomics’ new London office.  Watch the action.

There was also a Week of Action on Drones (01 to 08 October). FoRe worked with Pax Christi and the Drone Campaign Network (DCN) to provide a Briefing.

From the FoRe website:

“What was once the stuff of science fiction – remote controlled drones dropping bombs onto targets thousands of miles away – is now taking place on an almost daily basis. Indeed it seems to have become the preferred method of attack by US and British forces.

“However one aspect of warfare has not changed.  According to the New America Foundation, a US based think tank, high numbers of civilians are regularly being killed in drone strikes. In addition, the use of armed drones to target specific individuals could amount to summary or arbitrary execution.

“The indiscriminate nature of drone attacks is breeding anger and resentment amongst the civilian populations where attacks are taking place. Perhaps most crucially, the fact that drones enable bombing raids without endangering the pilot’s lives is driving a new, robotic arms race founded on the misguided belief that a new super-weapon will resolve conflict in human relationships.

What more can be done to halt these crimes?


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