Why not support MAW by becoming a member?

In November 2011, ‘Abolish War’, the very informative and well-designed newsletter of The Movement for the Abolition of War was described on this website.

The Movement for the Abolition of War was formed in 2001, following the Hague Appeal for Peace in 1999. The founder president was Professor Sir Joseph Rotblat FRS, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate; the founder chair was Bruce Kent. It is a civil society movement which challenges popular thinking about the acceptability of war, and raises awareness of constructive alternatives non-partisan, of all political and religious persuasions – or none – organised and run entirely by volunteers.

The MAW committee – and of course the editor, Lesley Docksey – want to go on producing Abolish War (Summer 2012), giving all the information, facts and figures that will help people to campaign for the abolition of war. But more funds are needed to do this.

Why not support MAW by becoming a member? The writer was there at the beginning and took out life membership.

Readers who are already members, could consider persuading someone else to join? Or help by sending a donation. There is a membership form on the website that can be downloaded. Donations go to the same address – 11 Venetia Road, London N4 1EJ

Lesley, who is recovering from an operation, writes powerfully:

War is so dreadful we cannot even talk about it honestly.

Let us face the fact that those who died did not ‘lay down their lives’.

They were killed – perhaps trapped in a burning plane or bleeding to death with limbs blown off.

Imagine it, and then persuade others that violence solves nothing.

We must settle disputes by negotiation.

Do contact her if you want to receive the newsletter or apply for membership of MAW


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