The financial cost of wars

The true cost of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is anyone’s guess, says Nancy Youssef. She gave this graphic detailing the diversion of funds from useful civilian purposes to the military.


Media Lens followed this theme, referring to a Stop the War video, ‘What is the true cost of the Afghanistan war?’ which details some of the appalling statistics:

  • 9,300 Afghan civilians have been killed by International Security Assistance Forces, i.e. Nato. 
  • 380 British soldiers are dead.
  • £18 billion of UK taxpayer’s money has been spent.
  • The war is costing Britain £12 million per day. The same amount could employ 100,000 nurses (at £21,000 annually) and 150,000 care workers (£15,000). 

A study by Brown University in the United States estimates an unimaginable combined sum of up to $4 trillion to fight the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Media Lens surveyed the way in which these facts were reported – or unreported – using phrases like ’scant coverage’ and ‘the media’s systematic bias’ and ending: 

“Very little of this reality made it into the largely uncritical coverage of the ten-year anniversary of the West’s aggression against Afghanistan.” 

This selective media presentation supports the acceptance of war by minimising its horrors and – sadly — preparing the public to condone the next military adventure.


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