Time for a Peace Games?

Dr Steven Schofield from Bradford responded to a post on another website: a militarised London 2012 Olympics:

“It is depressing to think we’ll be on a war footing for the Olympic Games which were intended to bring countries together under the peaceful banner of international sport. 

“We attended the Athens Games and although there was a bag check going into the stadium, it was all very low key. 

Athens 2004

“The image I’ll remember was of ordinary people from every continent on the planet strolling round the concourse just talking, laughing and generally enjoying the atmosphere. 

“I have tickets for this year but I’m going to cancel – which is what I’d like to see happen with the games. 

“There have always been the problems of over-commercialisation and expensive facilities, etc; but the essence of peaceful coming together has been lost and we need to find some other way of celebrating sport – A Peace Games maybe?”


One Response to Time for a Peace Games?

  1. admin says:

    By email from Mumbai:

    Maybe but security of the large number of foreign athletes and visitors cannot be ignored. Remember what happened in Munich?

    Please don’t ignore security by comparing Greece with the formidable security problems with its multi racial society in London and the UK.

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