Media Lens asks why the Western media misrepresent the Syrian conflict – Congressman Kucinich opens a dialogue

In ‘Targeting Syria’ Media Lens asks: why do Western media keep referring to a ‘vicious crackdown on Syria’s protest movement’?

In May, Michel Chossudovsky, Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa, commented on the first outbreaks of violence in Syria:

‘What is clear from these initial reports is that many of the demonstrators were not demonstrators but terrorists involved in premeditated acts of killing and arson. The title of [an] Israeli news report summarizes what happened: ‘Syria: Seven Police Killed, Buildings Torched in Protests.’ 

. . . The existence of an armed insurrection is not mentioned by the Western media. If it were to be acknowledged and analysed, our understanding of unfolding events would be entirely different. What is mentioned profusely is that the armed forces and the police are involved in the indiscriminate killing of protesters.’

Congressman Dennis Kucinich visits Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad  

In June Reuter’s newsagency reported the visit of Congressman Dennis Kucinich, an Ohio Democrat, to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus. 

In a statement on his official website Kucinich said he made the trip, which included a stop in Lebanon, after being requested to go by his constituents: “I don’t support the violence, I don’t condone the violence and by direct appeal to President Assad and in supporting those who are seeking freedom and serious reforms, I am working to end the violence. I appealed to President Assad to remove his forces from the cities. He told me he would, and today we learned that he has begun to do just that.” 

Is the Washington Post using “demonizing prose” to whip up fresh conflict?

When the Washington Post’s editorial board accused him of “taking the side of Syria’s murderous dictator”, Kucinich said the Post was using “demonizing prose” to whip up fresh conflict: 

“The Washington Post Editorial Board rejoins the march of folly that has in the past decade fueled a misguided approach to conflict resolution and democracy building that has left America with thousands of dead young soldiers, over a million dead civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and the surrounding region, trillions of dollars of debt, and a new generation of terrorists,” he said. 

U.S. Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford – who has not himself been able to score a meeting with Assad – briefed Kucinich before his tete-a-tete with the president, but has had no formal readout from the congressman. 

Food for thought . . . a good move by Kucinich?


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