A concerted call for Drone aircraft to be grounded

It is good to hear that there is a campaign calling for Drone aircraft to be grounded.

Read more here. 

Some drones carry the aptly named Hellfire missiles.

In a recent Nato Watch newsletter an ‘upcoming event’ was publicised: 

Ground the Drones: A Week of Action, 1-8 October, UK – the past few years has witnessed the increasing use of unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones, to undertake armed attacks around the globe.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia have all been subject to drone strikes by US or British drones controlled from many thousands of miles away. Palestine is also subjected to drone strikes from Israel. 

As part of International Keep Space for Peace Week, the UK Drones Campaign Network is encouraging organisations, local groups and individuals to engage in actions to both raise public awareness about drones and to engage in action to ‘ground the drones’. 

Today the Bureau of Investigative Journalism sent news of its latest report: Drone War Exposed – the complete picture of CIA strikes on Pakistan. 

It reveals that many more civilians have been killed and injured than were previously counted – by drones belonging to countries who describe themselves as civilised.

See earlier articles on this site:

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