Korean affairs

Seaborne Aegis missile defence systems 

In October 2004 the United States announced plans to deploy Aegis warships in waters off North Korea to serve as forward radars for a missile defence system being ‘readied for operations’. 

An increasing number of warships equipped with Aegis missile defense systems are now patrolling the seas of the world. 

Concern has been expressed about the number in the vicinity of Japan, which has four such ships and Korea. In June 2011, the second South Korean warship equipped with Aegis missile defense technology entered into active duty, the Xinhua News Agency reported on Friday and the third South Korean Aegis warship began its testing period in March.

Some activist websites believe that the US is establishing such warships, able to reach vessels in Chinese and Russian waters – in order to ‘manage’ those powers and control the route to China used by oil tankers. 

A threat to Jeju – a ‘Peace Island’ 

Jenny Maxwell writes in the WMCND newsletter that – urged on by the US – South Korea is planning a large naval base on Jeju to berth Aegis warships.

The environment of this island – including fish and coral – also designated by UNESCO as a Global Geopark, will be adversely affected and the agricultural livelihoods of the islanders in that area destroyed.


Jeju has a sad history of invasion, repression and victimisation and in the 1950s the islanders rose up in protest at the decision to divide the Korean nation. 

The ‘sasam’ movement was born in the 1980s, seeking truth, reconciliation & healing. A Peace Forum was established in 2001 and has organised six conferences to regional security. 

In 2005 central government declared Jeju an Island of Peace and a Peace Park was set up in 2008

Dr Anne Hilty, a psychologist living on island, surmises that the regular presence of personnel in military uniforms, will be traumatic for those who have lived through occupation.   

Readers who follow the links given will find a deeply affecting story of suffering and striving for a more peaceful future. This should be supported, not swept away for a military base.


2 Responses to Korean affairs

  1. admin says:

    Human Rights Watch is today urging Obama to have a criminal investigation into events under the Bush regime:

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-14119065 .

    it would be more fruitful if he scrutinises actions taking place on his own watch.

  2. Len Aldis says:

    Sorry but it seems that President Obama, who come to power with the hopes of many who expected a change in policy from previous presidents – remember “Yes We Can”? Has failed.

    Well we have been sadly let down and it is now “No he cannot”.

    In his short period of office his policy has changed little, indeed it can be said that it has grown worse and we are living in more dangerous times. His policy of surrounding countries with ships carrying missiles, is foolish and dangerous. As is his policy on Libya, support for Israel who continues to occupy Palestine. Prevents humanitarian aid reaching Gaza. etc etc etc

    I suspect that he fears to bring home all of his military, due to the crisis at home with mass unemployment, and an ever growing increase of people sleeping in the street, many are ex-servicemen.

    When we read that 45 million Americans are living on food parcels!

    What does that tell us.

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