Brian Haw: rest in peace

A most effective champion protestor against the evil of war, Brian once said that people told him he was mad to be spending his life camping outside the Houses of Parliament and asked me if I agreed with them. 

I replied that I thought he was the sane one; the rest of us who manage to live our lives comfortably, with only intermittent protest, are deranged. 

If – for only one day – everyone in the country who believed that military aggression is a wasteful cruelty converged on Parliament for one day, it would make a difference.

If it didn’t it should be repeated until the country is committed to a true defence only policy.

It is said that he was a devout Christian. In that case the best biblical epitaph for him is:

“Well done, thou good and faithful servant”. 


One Response to Brian Haw: rest in peace

  1. Alison Williams says:

    A witness of remarkable integrity and courage – may he continue to inspire us!

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