Barbarous drone attacks on several countries escalated under Obama in 2009 & 2010


“Targeted assassinations are the devices of criminal gangs and not civilised states”: a sentence from May’s Nato Watch Observatory No 21

Pakistan’s Nation newspaper reports that thousands of people gathered at Neto Jeti bridge near Karachi port, bringing Nato supplies to a halt as Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf  party continued its sit-in against US drone attacks in Karachi, for the second consecutive day on Sunday. 

PTI chairman Imran Khan today will announce long march from Karachi to Peshawar in protest against the drone attacks said to have killed thousands of people in northwest Pakistan’s tribal region. 

A press release about a Westminster protest against drone attacks on Pakistan has been received  

On Saturday, the International Imam Hussein Council issued a press release protesting against drone attacks on Pakistan.


Extra judicial killings

There will be a gathering outside Parliament during President Obama’s visit on Wednesday 25th May 2011 in opposition to the use of drones in breach Pakistan’s sovereignty and the execution of extra judicial killings. 

Part of the statement: 

It is the duty in international law of all civilized nations to protect and respect the borders and sovereignty of other nations as they wish for their own borders, sovereignty and peoples to be protected and respected.  

So important is this principle that before taking financial and eventually military action against the dictatorships of Saddam Hussein and the present engagement with the forces of Libya’s President Gadafi felt that it was necessary and lawful to obtain the mandatory authority of UN resolutions.   

However, for the use of drones and lethal force in the territory and upon the citizens of Pakistan no permission or mandate has been sought despite the protests of that allied nation and the international criticism that such actions have provoked. 

Civilized law is based upon the assumption that the rights of all citizens to free, peaceful and secure lives are sacred and protected except where their criminality is established by due process in legitimate courts of law.  

It is a matter of paramount concern to all who wish to protect the values of civilization, freedom and democracy that this assumption remains one of the shared realities which we fight to protect.  

It is our shared duty to protect the rights of others, especially those we disagree with, and to remind the leaders of our nations that it is their duty too. 

The full press release can be seen here. 


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