Switzerland: follow-up

We thank the co-founder & co-ordinator of UNGA-Link UK who points out that Switzerland became a full member of the United Nations on 10th September 2002 – and that Joseph Deiss, a former Swiss Foreign Minister, was elected as President of the 65th UN General Assembly in June 2010.

Other reflections:

1.Thinking about it… through its banking secrecy ‘unique selling point’ has it not indirectly caused untold misery (e.g. enabling dictators to suck the life out of their country, making it impossible to track the affairs/ find proof of warlords & weapons dealers business…)?
E.g.: http://in.reuters.com/article/2011/02/14/idINIndia-54890720110214

2. [Paraphrased] Another pointed out that the country feared no attack because its population is armed to the teeth and its banking system holds many powerful people and organisations in thrall.


This site is only focussing on the positive because good points are down-played in the media. The banking/arms issue is well-aired – the decent actions are not – for fear of the infection spreading? There is a strong campaign against arms trade in Switzerland – as here – with similar limited effect.  

Is there a single country which would not need a disclaimer? Even the beautiful Bhutan story has been ‘blown’.

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