This lecture forms part of the PeaceJam project, where young people work with Nobel Peace Prize winners to become effective peacemakers themselves. For more information see:


Nobel Laureate Betty Williams

will speak on

‘Community-based solutions to threats and violence’ 

Friday 4 March, 5pm Norcroft Centre, University of Bradford Doors open from 4pm 

For FREE tickets go to 

Belfast, Northern Ireland, August 1976:    a runaway car driven by a young IRA member, fleeing from British soldiers, crashed into a family of four. All three children were killed. Betty Williams, on her way home, was the first on the scene. Her response to the terrible scene was to circulate petitions against the violence and in less than 48 hours had over 6,000 signatures. At the funeral, Betty and the children’s aunt, Mairead Corrigan, decided to co-found the Peace People, an organization dedicated to non-violence in Northern Ireland. In recognition of their extraordinary efforts to end the sectarian violence, the women were jointly awarded the 1976 Nobel Peace Prize., Northern Ireland, August 1976. 

Since then, Betty Williams has worked tirelessly for peace. She is a co-founder of the Nobel Women’s Initiative, and heads the World Centres of Compassion for Children International, which has built a village in Italy for children fleeing war and violence. She is a wonderfully warm and inspirational speaker.

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