The Rule of Law – one of the hallmarks of civilised society

That statement, made by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada in its Model Code of Professional Conduct, can be read here. 

1. In Britain, house arrest – without charge 

Ekaterina Zatuliveter, the Russian citizen who ran the office of MP Mike Hancock, has been detained on suspicion of spying, but no specific charges have been brought. She is on bail facing deportation and has denied that she used her position as a British MP’s aide to spy for Moscow.

In  a report in the website of Russia Today TV, Aleksandr Lukashevich, from the Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Department, expressed serious misgivings about the Special Immigration Appeals Commission decision to begin the appeal against deportation on October 18, which means that Ms. Zatuliveter will live for almost one year in conditions that are quite similar to house arrest: 

“Her passport has been taken away from her and she has been prohibited from meeting anybody except her relatives, her lawyers, or doctors. She is also banned from visiting public places and only allowed to spend nights at her residential address, which is regularly checked by the police.”  

The Guardian reported that Alexander Sternik, Russian chargé d’affaires in London, dismissed suggestions she was involved with the intelligence service. “We have a very limited relationship with this person, and this relationship boils down to issuing a passport in the consular section and that’s it.” 

The Russian Foreign Ministry described the situation as unacceptable: “We are going to continue to demand that British authorities either specify accusations against Ms. Zatuliveter or immediately grant her complete freedom.” 


The Rule of Law – one of the hallmarks of civilised society – is being shamelessly flouted


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