A World Without War – a MAW Strategy Day

Date: 5th Feb 2011

Time: 10:30 am to 4:30 pm 

Details: Using the following questions, this day is a chance for us all to map out our way towards a world without war: 

WHAT DO WE MEAN BY WAR? MAW’s aim is to abolish war. Can we define ‘war’ in a way that will be easily understood and accepted by the man or woman in the street, without getting the reaction ‘That’s impossible’? 

WHAT WILL A WORLD WITHOUT WAR LOOK LIKE, AND HOW DO WE REACH IT? If we can envision a world without war, we can identify what needs to go and what needs to be put in its place to create that world. 

NOW WHAT DO WE DO? Identifying what needs to be done, what steps can MAW take? How can MAW best play its part in abolishing war? 

WE NEED YOUR IDEAS! Please send any thoughts and ideas you would like to be included for discussion to: Lesley.Docksey@abolishwar.org.uk.

The day is open and free to everyone interested in abolishing war. Tea and coffee provided. Please bring your own lunch.

Location: St Mellitus Church Hall, Tollington Park, London, N4 3AG (nearest tube, Finsbury Park).


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