Professor John Roberts – rest in peace

Civilisation 3000 and Natowatch set up the John Roberts Student Essay Competition in memory of John Roberts. 

We greatly miss the input and encouragement which he gave to the C3000 website.

Winners of the John Roberts Student Essay Competition 2010

First place: Oliver Elliott (UK), read essay
Second place: Moritz Eckert (Germany), read essay
Third place: Soumitra Subinaya (India), read essay

About John Roberts:

ROBERTS John Charles de Villamar, world citizen, teacher, husband, father and grandfather died at home on 27 February 2010. John joined the Federal Union in 1948 and worked for 60 years in world citizen and federalist movements, including chairing the World Association of World Federalists. He was an active ex-chair of the Institute for Law and Peace and wrote more than a dozen pamphlets on world problems. Fluent in Esperanto, he attended congresses in Brighton (UK), Brazil, China, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan and the USA. 

He taught in schools, colleges, then at the Universite Laval in Quebec for eight years, and finally an American college in England for 15 years (Professor of International Studies). 

The writer met him whilst attending several events over the years and found further common ground in 2002 when he attended the launch of Steve Schofield’s study, The UK and Non-offensive Defence An Introductory Study on the Implications of the UK Adopting a Non-offensive Defence Stance, launched in the Commons by former defence minister Peter Kilfoyle.

John was a critic of the NATO military alliance and of the intervention in Afghanistan, but agreed to become one of the founding NATO Watch Associates in June 2009. He believed that an alliance based on the use of armed force is a denial of where we should be in the 21st century and that only by supporting and developing global legal structures could NATO be made non-aggressive and peaceful. You can read more about John’s work at:


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