Two-Day Civil Society Shadow Conference to Coincide with NATO’s Lisbon Summit 15 – 16 November 2010


This civil society-led Shadow NATO Summit examined present trends and the attitudes and assumptions underlying the conceptual, organizational and operational debates on the future of NATO. It explored ways in which civil society groups and parliamentarians can work together more effectively to advance the positive objectives within NATO’s new strategy and ensure that it is implemented in line with shared democratic and humanitarian values. 

At the heart of the Shadow Summit was a discussion on how to promote a progressive reform agenda within the Alliance based on human security and the rule of law. It is our belief that NATO could be at the heart of a new “moral, muscular multilateralism”, a cooperative approach to world problems that uses international organizations and law to the full. 

At the previous 60th Anniversary NATO Summit we developed a parallel process from a citizens’ perspective, which resulted in the launch of a Citizens Declaration of Alliance Security . . . [which we see] as the beginning of an open process in which the Concept is used to kick-start a NATO-wide, civil society-led public dialogue on the future direction of NATO.  Our aim is to develop a ‘living document’, regularly updated based on citizens’ comments and reflecting changes in the international system. 

Please send your ideas and comments on the draft ‘Citizens Strategic Concept’ to Dr Ian Davis: before 31 December 2010 

Click here for the programme, presentations and draft ‘Citizens Strategic Concept’. If the link does not work, please go to:



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