The Defence Review: Symon Hill

Symon Hill, writes in the Ekklesia website:

The government’s Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) has missed the opportunity to address long-term security problems such as climate change and the root causes of terrorism. It reflects the twentieth-century mindset of both government and opposition politicians, who define defence and security in terms of armed force. 

“The SDSR contradicts the government’s own National Security Strategy published yesterday, which listed an attack on the UK by another state only in the third tier of threats – well behind cyber attacks, flu pandemics and international terrorism.” 

The real dangers

He itemises the greatest dangers we face: 

  • runaway climate change, which the Ministry of Defence seems to regard as irrelevant to security  
  • global terrorism requires complex and nuanced responses that tackle the roots of the problem. Suicide bombers on tube trains will not be defeated by any number of Trident missiles or aircraft carriers. 

The root causes of armed conflict must be addressed 

Hill concludes, “We urgently need – for our own safety as much as for any other reason – a sustainable approach to security, which addresses the root causes of armed conflict around the world, including poverty, human rights abuses, climate change and competition over resources.”

End subsidies to arms companies that contribute to insecurity 

The government are urged to bring an end to subsidies to arms companies that contribute to insecurity by easing the flow of weapons to oppressive regimes and unstable areas of the world. Ministers could improve security by investing the money saved in renewable energy and the training of professionals in nonviolent conflict resolution. 

Read the whole article here.

See Steve Schofield’s article on the Defence Review:


Malcolm:  And where does non-violent conflict prevention fit in?


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