It is important to highlight and celebrate news of good aspirations and actions

C3000 thanks John Brown, who was a member of the US Foreign Service for over twenty years, for the reminder to add a note to any future posts about the good policies of other countries: 

Though well aware of the less admirable stances and deeds of this country – which are well-publicised – we feel it important to highlight and celebrate news of its good aspirations and actions. If we don’t, who will ? 

We have long looked forward to news of good actions to report from the USA, which has been irked by the constructive Brazilian/Turkish initiative with Iran. 

His addition to a C3000 paragraph: “Brazil is said to be developing ‘soft power’ which resides to a very significant degree in the skill and personality of its president, his social policies, respect for democracy and human rights . . . 

Of all the murals that adorn the anarchic city’s [Caracas] trash-strewn center, one creation by the street artist Carlos Zerpa fills him with special pride: a stenciled reinterpretation of Caravaggio’s “David with the Head of Goliath,” in which a warrior grasps the severed head of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Perpetuating hostility between nations is very good for the arms industry – but very bad for their citizens.



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