Mayors for Peace

Mayors for Peace, through close cooperation among the cities, strive to raise international public awareness regarding the need to abolish nuclear weapons and contributes to the realization of genuine and lasting world peace by working to eliminate starvation and poverty, assist refugees fleeing local conflict, support human rights, protect the environment, and solve the other problems that threaten peaceful coexistence within the human family.

72 new cities join Mayors for Peace on July 1st 2010. We have 4,037 member cities from 144 countries and regions.

In June, Elizabeth Way [former secretary of Just Defence] and Hazel Neal, on behalf of the West Midlands Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament wrote to the new Lord Mayor of Birmingham.

Dear Lord Mayor,

On behalf of West Midlands Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, we would like to welcome you to your new role as Lord Mayor of Birmingham. You are now Lord Mayor of a city of peace.

In 2007 Birmingham joined ”Mayors for Peace”. This organisation, chaired by Mr. Akiba the Mayor of Hiroshima, now involves over 3,880 cities across the world. The ”Mayors for Peace” campaign entitled “Cities are not Targets” is part of their “2020Vision” which hopes to make the decade 2010-2020 the “UN decisive decade for nuclear disarmament” [in conformity with Article V1of the Non-proliferation Treaty, which Britain has signed]. 

As you know the call for nuclear abolition has been heard lately on the international stage, leading us to believe we may at last see a future without the nuclear threat. 

In the USA, George Shultz, William Perry, Henry Kissinger and Sam Nunn, in the Wall Street Journal in January 2007 and again in January 2008, called for the USA to lead a movement for the total abolition of nuclear weapons. Voices have been raised in Britain too: Gordon Brown declared in January 2008 that the UK was ready to act  “to achieve a world free from nuclear weapons”, (although this was cancelled out by the proposal to update Trident, our nuclear weapons system). 

Since then President Obama has declared his wish to see nuclear weapons ultimately abolished, and his intention to enter into negotiations to achieve this aim by 2020. 

The call for freedom from nuclear weapons has already come from Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland – where all Britain’s nuclear weapons are based. The population of Scotland is very conscious of the danger this puts them in and is seeking to banish our nuclear weapons. 

Birmingham’s population too, is endangered by the transport of nuclear fuel rods through the residential heart of the city by train, and the transport of nuclear warheads on major roads and motorways around Birmingham. 

Birmingham is a Nuclear-Free City. Can you Sir, as Mayor, demand the discontinuation of nuclear transport through the city and its suburbs? In your opinion, should Britain cancel plans to replace Trident which are merely an incitement to proliferation, spend some of the money saved, and the time remaining of the existing system’s life on intensive international negotiation, and at last commit herself to a process for abolishing nuclear weapons?

There is a page about Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba on the right .


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