Humane, lawful, safer security strategies will enable civilisation and the Earth’s ecosystems to survive

Nuclear policy briefing


At an invited meeting 16 June in Westminster two new contributions to the debate from British experts will be launched:

As a former operator of British nuclear weapons, Commander Green chronicles the history, practical difficulties and dangerous contradictions of nuclear deterrence. He offers more credible, effective and responsible alternative strategies to deter aggression and achieve real security in Chapter 6 and 7: offering more ways back from the abyss towards which nuclear deterrence dogma is driving us.

The key is to see nuclear disarmament as a security building process, where nuclear weapons are an unusable liability. A top priority is to persuade the US and Russia to stand down a combined total of over 4,000 strategic nuclear weapons, ready to be launched within minutes. He argues that the UK is best-placed to lead the way by becoming the first nuclear weapon state to reject nuclear deterrence, and gain a new, widely admired global role.

In the concluding chapter, he calls for nuclear deterrence to be replaced by more humane, lawful and safer security strategies if civilisation and the Earth’s ecosystems are to survive.

See synopsis and table of contents here.

There is an admirably clear audio recording which can be heard on

It takes some time to download but is well worth waiting for – an excellent argument and a fascinating human story.


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