Civilised advice to Hillary Clinton on Iran policy

In a letter to the Financial Times Fariborz S. Fatemi deplores the antagonism that has been the hallmark of Iran policy during the past 30 years, expressed in actions that perpetuate mistrust and hatred which are not in America’s interest.

He recommends secretary of state Hillary Clinton to thank Turkey and Brazil for putting her “smart diplomacy” to work, instead of criticising them:

“Now that Turkey and Brazil have given the US an opening, it is in the national security and economic interests of the US to take advantage of that work”.

Fatemi notes that the president of the US has said on numerous occasions “our offer of comprehensive diplomatic contacts and dialogue stands” and looks for deeds and not just words from the Obama administration. 

These could lay the ‘ghost of the Bush/Cheney administration policy’ and begin that dialogue based on mutual respect, bringing an end to the hostility separating the US and Iran.

Fariborz S. Fatemi is a former Professional Staff Member, House Foreign Affairs Committee, Senate Foreign Relations Committee


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