Korea 2: the US secretary of state travels to Tokyo & Beijing with plans to wage ‘psychological warfare’ on North Korea

Michael Sheridan, Far East Correspondent for the Sunday Times reports that for the first time in years, America and the South Koreans seem to agree that North Korea must be punished. 

Military options are said to be ‘off the table’ and officials are looking at clandestine measures and financial sanctions to put pressure on Pyongyang.

It is proposed that psychological warfare be ‘stepped up’ against the regime of Kim Jong-il in retaliation for North Korea’s torpedo attack on a warship. 

The plans include using mobile phone, MP3 and internet technology to spread dissident messages as well as cold-war tactics such as leaflets sent into North Korea by balloons and radio broadcasts. 

Following her visit to Tokyo, Hilary Clinton  met Chinese leaders in Beijing on 22nd May to emphasise that China cannot shield its protégé. 

North Korea has denied sinking the ship and asked Seoul to accept a delegation of its own to investigate. South Korea replied that this request should be referred to the Military Armistice Commission, set up under the truce that ended the Korean War in July 1953.


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