The Ministry for Peace

The Ministry for Peace is a citizens’ organisation working to create and support structures, in the UK and internationally, that promotes dialogue and other peaceful means to prevent, transform and resolve violent conflict.  

mfp was founded in 2003 by Diana Basterfield and MP John McDonnell who successfully presented a Ten-Minute Rule Bill calling for the establishment in the UK of a Ministry for Peace.  Two years later, it was a founding member – and host – of the first summit of the Global Initiative for Departments and Ministries for Peace, which currently supports members and campaigns in 35 countries. 

In 2006 mfp established the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Conflict Issues in the UK Parliament. The APPG provides a forum where Parliamentarians, government officials, NGOs, academics and others come together across the political spectrum on a regular basis for dialogue on issues relating to conflict.   

An advisory group to the APPG includes senior officials from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Ministry of Defence and the Department for International Development, as well as senior politicians and representative from a number of leading peace and conflict NGOs.  mfp provides the secretariat to the APPGCI.

Parliamentarians who agreed to support the APPGCI group formally: 

Labour Conservative Others
Karen Buck John Bercow Lord Ashdown (LD)
Harry Cohen Tim Boswell Simon Hughes (LD) **
Mark Fisher Mark Lancaster Baroness Tonge (LD)
Neil Gerrard John Randall Elfyn Llwyd (Plaid Cymru)
Fabian Hamilton Lee Scott  
Kelvin Hopkins* Gary Streeter**  
John McDonnell**    
Ann McKechin    
Bob Marshall-Andrews    
Derek Wyatt    

**Co-Chairs  *Secretary

For more information about the APPG go to: .


One Response to The Ministry for Peace

  1. C3000 says:

    A reader in Mumbai responds to this post: “We have an organization here called The Citizen’s Committee For a Better Tomorrow, headed by an ex Sheriff of Mumbai.” CCBT’s primary objective is to work for the mission of peace & harmony and national integration:

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