Britain could aim for a better reputation . . .

Following an arms fair held in London, Kaye Stearman urged politicians to look at the real outcomes of supporting the industry. 

Ironically, at their press conference, she reports that five arms industry bosses called for more “honesty” from politicians.  

She commented:  “it is rich coming from a sector that has been noted for secrecy and bad business practices, including corruption”. Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) calls for a real debate and real honesty.

Rejecting the political rationale that without military power the UK would lose its “place at the top table” in world affairs [though its position is more often described as the US’ poodle – Ed], she pointed out that smaller nations like Norway and Costa Rica have established their credentials as peace brokers, and Japan and Germany, with limited armed forces and arms industries, command respect in world forums.

 As she ends: “surely a better reputation to aim for in the 21st century”.

 Kaye Stearman is media co-ordinator of Campaign Against Arms Trade


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